Precinct Chair Job Description

Precinct Chair Job Description

Montgomery County, Texas, Republican Party

Republican Precinct Chair Handbook

Professionals in politics agree on at least one point: elections can be won or lost in the voting precincts at the grassroots level. The Precinct Chair represents the smallest unit of the organization. The Precinct Chair’s performance has a profound effect on the overall strength, influence and success of the County Party.


Precinct Chairs must be residents of their voting precinct, be registered voters, and not be candidates for nomination or election to, or be the holder of, an elective office of the federal, state, or county government. They are chosen by the Precinct’s Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary Election. Together with the County Chair, who is chosen by the County Republican Primary voters at the biennial General Primary election, the Precinct Chairs constitute the Republican County Executive Committee. The term of office for both Party positions is two years.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Appoint a Vice-Chair.
2. Recruit Precinct volunteer workers.
3. Maintain a list of volunteer workers with contact information and areas of expertise.
4. Work with the Party’s Leadership and Organization Committee to train volunteer workers on implementation of the Party’s Precinct programs and campaign activities.
5. Maintain and preserve organizational records and be prepared to relinquish them to his or her successor.
6. Attend all meetings called by the Area leadership.
7. Attend all quarterly or called meetings of the County Executive Committee.
8. Serve as Election Judge for the Primary elections and the General Elections.
9. Serve as Temporary Chair and/or Permanent chair of the Republican Precinct Convention and provide leadership for the precinct’s delegation to the biennial County or Senatorial District convention.
10. Coordinate and supervise precinct volunteer workers during the General election campaign.
11. Participate in the Party’s General election Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) program that includes voter registration drives, precinct walks where applicable, yard sign distribution and computerized telephone voter turnout campaign.
12. Support the General election Republican ticket.
13. Become member of the Party’s Sustaining Member Program at the Individual, Individual & Spouse, or Family level, and encourage precinct volunteer workers to become members.