Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie, MCRP’s Mascot

Miss Ellie was designed and built in 1986 by several Montgomery County Republican Women. After appearing in many parades on behalf of MCRP, she now stands in MCRP headquarters where numerous people continue to stop to have their photo made with her.

There was a time in the mid-2000s, when Miss Ellie had fallen into disrepair: she was dusty, her skin had become discolored, and her limbs and neck were weak and threatening to collapse. At the same time, her “roost”, which had been the landing of the stairs, was walled off into another section of the building, and there was nowhere to place her. Discussion of getting rid of her began, and Miss Ellie’s future looked dire.

However, several Republican women came to her defense, and Helena Van Orden volunteered to reinforce Miss Ellie’s limbs and repaint her. Using casting material, Helena rebuilt and reinforced Miss Ellie’s body, and she repainted Miss Ellie using outdoor house paint. Helena worked over several weeks, even enlisting an artist friend for the final touches.

In 2009, Headquarters was remodeled, and a special “roost” near the front window was created for Miss Ellie. Miss Ellie continues to make occasional appearances in Independence Day parades and Party fundraisers.