Minutes of June 26, 2018 CEC Meeting

Montgomery County Republican Party
Minutes of 2nd Quarterly Meeting of the County Executive Committee on June 26, 2018

Location:  County Comm. Building, 4th Floor, 501 N Thompson Street, Conroe, Texas

Quorum:  20 precincts needed for Quorum, 68 precincts present  (71)

Called to Order:  Dr. Walter Wilkerson, County Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:30 pm.

Prayer:  led by Tom Hughes

Pledge to the American Flag:  Hon Wayne Mack

Introduction of Officeholders & Guests: Linda Fox


Business Conducted

Reading of the Minutes:  As presented 1-22-2018 & 2-20-2018. Motion passed.

Oath of Office: Judge Wayne Mack – Swearing in of the Precinct Chairs.

Bylaws – Motion made by Charlie Parada (Pct 38) to adopt current bylaws

1. Amendment – Article 7, section 2 – add Committee chairs will be appointed by the county chair “subject to the confirmation by the Executive Committee”.  Motion fails (Y=32, N=39).

2. Amendment – Non-Partisan race “The Montgomery County Republican Executive Committee may endorse identifiable Republican candidates in non-partisan races. If more than one identifiable Republican candidate is running in a non-partisan race, the Executive Committee shall endorse all of the identifiable Republican candidates or none of them. The Executive Committee shall not choose one identifiable Republican over another identifiable Republican in a non-partisan race.

The Montgomery County Executive Committee may support or oppose any issue in a non-partisan election when it is clearly spelled out in the current Texas GOP Platform.”


Amended “add uncensured” to second sentence. Motion by Fred Sunderman (Pct 88)
Discussion. Motion failed

Vote on Amendment. Motion carries (Y – 35, N – 34)

3. Substitute Motion – Substitute bylaws – Reagan Reed (Pct 50)

Discussion on parliamentary procedure

Call the question Fred Sunderman (Pct 88)  Motion failed


Vice-Chair – Linda Fox presides after Dr Wally joins discussion

Call the question Yvonne Wunsche (Pct 46). Motion carries

Vote Passes (Y- 39, N – 31)

Voting on the substitution as the Bylaws  (Y-39, N – 32). Motion passes

(5 minute recess)

Nominations  –

Vice Chairman – Reagan Reed, Motion passes

Secretary –         Rachel Bingham 31

Susan Johnson 11

Holly McClaren 18

Treasurer –          John Wertz, motion passes

Steering committee

Brian Crumby – 29

Jon Bouche – 30

Daniel Ure – 19

Dale Inman – 34

KT Jackson – 26

Paul Gebolys – 42

Andy Nedrow – 27

Adrian Kaiser – 30

Darlene Barnett – 9

Adjourned: 10:42 pm.

Submitted by Holly McClaren – Secretary