MCRP Headquarters

MCRP Headquarters

In any political campaign, a headquarters site can be a big asset. It signifies campaign visibility and credibility while serving as a center for volunteer and paid employee activity. For the fledging Republican Party in Montgomery County during the 1960s, a paid employee was no more than a pipe dream. Besides there was always the question whether there was even adequate funds to maintain a temporary site during the campaign.

Montgomery County Conservatives Headquarters

In 1962 campaign for Governor, the first temporary headquarters was located on North Main Street across from the Crighton Theater. It was called the Montgomery County Conservatives Headquarters because Republican was thought to be a disadvantage. During the 1964 presidential campaign a Goldwater for President Headquarters was located on the second floor of a building on the north side of the square above what was then Cochran’s Man Shop. Today the Courthouse annex is located next to this building. A large Goldwater sign was hung from the roof making it highly visible from anywhere on the square.

Full Time Republican Headquarters Established

Following the 1964 election, the County Executive Committee concluded a full time Republican Headquarters was needed to establish the Party’s credibility and compete with the Democrat Headquarters, known as the County Courthouse. It was not at all unusual to see Democrat signs posted in the offices of the Courthouse during the election campaigns. Norman Imler, Precinct # 10 Chairman and owner of the State Hotel at 306 Collins Street in Conroe, offered to let the Party use a room adjacent to the lobby as a Party Headquarters. In 1965 a full time County Republican Headquarters was officially opened. A sign was hung from the awning over the door after much delay because a painter could not be found who would paint a Republican sign. Today, that same sign hangs inside Headquarters as a reminder of the tenacity and dedication of those brave enough to call themselves Republican during the 1960s.

New, Larger Facility

Due to the size of the Headquarters, phone bank operations could not be operated in it. It was necessary to obtain larger facilities for this purpose. After the successful campaigns of 1988, 1990, and 1992, adequate funds were made available to permit the Party to locate in the old lobby of the Hotel and retain the one room older site for computer activities. With this move, the Headquarters could also be utilized for phone bank operations. The official move was made to 310 Collins Street in August, 1994. The present site contains some of our computer operations, a copy machine and space for Party socials or other meetings.

Hours of Operation – New Volunteers Always Welcome and Needed!

The Headquarters is open 9 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Thursday and 9AM to 12 noon Friday, except for legal holidays and summer vacation during month of July. It is staffed totally by volunteers. Volunteers are welcome and always needed. Generally, they work shifts from 9AM to 1PM and 1PM to 5PM. Of course, other arrangements can be made. Call the Chairman of Volunteers at 936-441-5621 to add your name to our volunteer list. You can be assured it will be a worthwhile experience.


Questions may be directed to the County Chair, Dr. Wally Wilkerson, Jr. at 936-441-5621 and via email at All inquiries are most welcome!