FROM THE CHAIRMAN’S DESK: Chairman Calls for Party Unity

Chairman Calls for Party Unity

Greetings to all Republicans!
I want you to be aware of a situation that took place at the County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting last Tuesday evening, June 4, 2019. What had been a unified and congenial meeting suddenly turned into an unnecessary divisive conflict with a surprise resolution criticizing a Republican PAC formed in 2018, the Republican Voters of Texas PAC.  The resolution stated that the MCRP “condemn[s] and denounce[s]” the newer PAC and “demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word ‘Republican’.” The Republican Voters of Texas PAC is clearly Republican, and their Advisory Board includes many members of Republican Women’s groups and others who have been instrumental in the growth of the County Party and in getting Republicans elected, including the recent close vote in the re-election of Senator Ted Cruz and of President Trump in 2016.
As County Chairman, I want you to know that I strongly object to this divisive resolution and I disavow it as prohibitive to the Republican Party and its mission.  I would remind everyone that the Executive Committee (CEC) does not have the authority to speak for every Republican. The CEC has no authority to tell a clearly Republican group that they cannot use the name “Republican” in the title of their organization.
Lastly, the resolution should have been included in the Agenda or referred to the Resolution Committee for consideration so that all the precinct chairs were informed that the resolution was to be discussed at the meeting. Prior to the meeting, only certain precinct chairs knew of the resolution and that it was going to be introduced.  Approximately 38 Precinct Chairs were not at the meeting. Had they been properly given notice of this resolution, many of them might have made an effort to attend and vote no. As it was, the vote was close with 25 “for” and 21 “against” or “abstaining”. All voting members of any organization should be informed of any business that the organization is considering – sufficiently enough in advance that the members can think about, discuss, and even research the item of business.
Our Party does not benefit from Republicans attacking Republicans. Protecting the integrity of the Republican Party should be a common goal for all of us, and many stood for that goal Tuesday night. As we move into the 2020 election year, I urge every Republican to seriously consider their involvement in the 2020 campaign either as a worker, a financial contributor or Precinct Chairman. It is time for our Montgomery County Republican Party to come together to unite and work to defeat Democrats in 2020. All Republicans are needed to get President Trump re-elected and to take back Congress. Any energy focused on anything less than this is divisive and self-defeating.
The Republican Voters of Texas PAC issued the following response to the charges leveled against them:
The Republican Voters of Texas PAC was formed in 2018 in order to promote Republican candidates who are 1) Republican, 2) highly qualified for the position they seek and 3) good members of our community. To date, we have not endorsed any Democrats, nor will we in the future, as this goes against our mission. Our endorsement process is made by majority vote of our Advisory Board. Our Advisory Board members are active Republicans in the County, who have contributed to the Republican Party in a positive manner. We are proud to be active members of the Republican Party, and we refute the claims made in this resolution. If you have any questions, please email to .”

Note: this post was originally sent as an email from Chairman Dr. Wally Wilkerson on June 11, 2019. The original email can be viewed at this link: