From the Chairman’s Desk: State Republican Chairman Meets Campaign Committee

State Republican Chairman Meets Campaign Committee

On Wednesday evening, June 12, 2019, State Republican Chairman James Dickey traveled to Conroe and met with many of the 2020 Victory Campaign Committee and presented a comprehensive report on the preparations for the 2020 election. “RED ALERT TEXAS” is the 2020 Objective to win Texas for President Trump because “There is no path to a Republican White House victory without Texas.”
The presentation reviewed polling data post 2018 election that showed a slightly higher favorable response for Senator Ted Cruz (50%) than President Trump (48%) in Texas. The Republican National Committee reported that “there are too few existing paths to 270 electoral votes for our presidential nominee…….We need to aggressively work…..where we have infrastructure advantages over the Democrats based on our foothold in the governorships…..this requires an early commitment to building the team.” In 2016 Trump won 306 electoral votes. A 2020 loss of Texas reduces Trump’s total to 268 electoral votes, 2 short of the required total of 270 votes.
Dickey reported that in 2018 a total of 8,371,655 votes were cast in the Texas race for United States Senator. Cruz received 4,260,553 votes (50.89%) and O’Rourke 4,045,632 (48.33%). According to his presentation, The Presidential Election Voter Spread in Texas (percent margin of victory) was: Year 2000- 21.32%; 2004- 22.87%; 2008-11.77%; 2012- 15.72% and 2016- 8.99%. Six suburban counties in 2018 (Tarrant, Collin, Denton, Montgomery, Fort Bend, and Williamson) cast 23.5% of Senator Cruz’s total vote with Montgomery County leading the way with 137,395, which was 72.28% of the county’s total.
In 2018 Republicans lost two Congressional races, one in the Houston area and one in the Dallas area. There were nine Congressional races narrowly won by Republicans. In a worst case scenario, it is possible that Republicans could hold only thirteen Congressional Districts after

the 2020 election, giving the Democrats twenty three of the thirty six seats.

Here are the projections for Voter Registration and Voter Turnout in 2020.

Austin Area– 2018 Registered Voters 1,242, 338

2020 Projected Increase 242,747

2020 Projected Registered Voters 1,484.085

2020 Projected Voter Turnout 1,007,526

% of Total = 8.7%

Dallas/Fort Worth Area– 2018 Registered Voters 3,895,590

2020 Projected Increase 677,991

2020 Projected Registered Voters 4,573,581

2020 Projected Voter Turnout 2,988,689

% of Total = 26.0%

Houston Area– 2018 Registered Voters 3,523,856

2020 Projected Increase 611,743

2020 Projected Registered Voters 4,135,599

2020 Projected Voter Turnout 2,619,476

% of Total = 22.8%

San Antonio Area– 2018 Registered Voters 1,299,676

2020 Projected Increase 235,667

2020 Projected Registered Voters 1,535,343

2020 Projected Voter Turnout 931,929

% of Total = 8.1%

Statewide Totals– 2018 Registered Voters 15,793,257

2020 Projected Increase 2,575,357

2020 Projected Registered Voters 18,368,614

2020 Projected Voter Turnout 11,480, 595

What must we do to win? RED ALERT TEXAS recommends:

 Turnout 6 million Republicans in 2020

 Identify and register Republican voters

 Recruit candidates for every position on the ballot  

 Hire 50 field representatives

 Open 6 campaign headquarters throughout the state

 Improve messaging

 Fund campaign cost of $3 million

 Request RNC fund one-half of the cost of the campaign

Anyone interested in assisting the Campaign 2020 should contact their Precinct Chairman or the County Chairman, Dr. Wally Wilkerson at 936-441-5621 or at .

The Montgomery County Texas Republican Party Headquarters will provide the following campaign resources to the 2020 campaign: Precinct Republican 2000-2018 Primary/Runoff alpha or street Voter lists. The total number of voters countywide on the lists currently is almost 99,000. Seventy-one (71.0%) of these voters cast their vote during the 2018 General Election Early Voting period.

 Access to a computer program that allows volunteers to add and/or complete precinct voter phone numbers or phone calls using their home computer. No longer is it required to complete calls from a phone bank.

 Access to the Headquarters for meetings of up to 50 people.

 Access to Headquarters to display and distribute candidate’s campaign materials.

 Use of Party Bulk Rate Permit #15 to bulk mail from Conroe. A Permit costs $225.00.

 Make available list of New Movers to Montgomery County obtained from the Republican National Committee.

The Party Headquarters presently has Trump bumper stickers and should have Trump yard signs available sometime within the next 7-10 days. We have already had multiple requests for Trump yard signs. The Headquarters will be open Monday- Friday 9 am to 5 pm except for holidays and a two week July vacation for the Volunteers. Contact the Headquarters at 936-441-5621.