From the Chairman’s Desk: How to Get Involved in the Republican Party

Party Organization

The Montgomery County Republican Party’s heated controversy over its bylaws has highlighted the need for more Republicans to be aware of the party organization framework and how to become involved in party building. Here is a summary of the Party organization. Please review it and let County Chairman Dr. Wally Wilkerson know if you have any questions or suggestions. Contact him at or 936-441-5621.

Level 1 in the party organization framework is the Voting Precinct, supervised by the Precinct Chair, who serves as a member of the County Executive Committee and is elected every two years by a majority of the qualified Precinct Republican voters in the party Primary election. This election cycle the Party Primary election will be held on March 3, 2020.
The Voting Precinct is the smallest unit of the party organization, often referred to as the Grassroots level. There are currently ninety-six Voting Precincts in Montgomery County. The maximum number of registered voters in a precinct is set by the Texas Election Code at 5,000. As a result, four new Voting Precincts, numbers 97, 98, 99 and 100, will be added effective January 1, 2020. Any qualified voter in the precinct may become a candidate for Precinct Chair by filing the appropriate application with the County Chair at Republican Headquarters, 310 Metcalf Street, Conroe 77301, 936-441-5621, from 9 AM to 5 PM, between now and 6PM December 9, 2019. Click here for more information and to download a filing application. The party office of Precinct Chair is a non-salaried position.
At the present time, a majority of Precinct Chairs favor policies that could lead to an exclusive party, while a minority of Precinct Chairs favor policies that could lead to an inclusive party.Level 2 in the party organization framework is the County Executive Committee, composed of all the Precinct Chairs and the County Chair, who is elected every two years by a majority of the qualified county-wide Republican voters in the party Primary election on March 3, 2020. Any qualified voter in the county may become a candidate for Republican County Chair by filing the appropriate application with the office of County Chair at the Republican Headquarters in Conroe beginning 9 AM November 9, 2019 and ending at 6 PM December 9, 2019. The party office of County Chair is a non-salaried position.
The Executive Committee conducts the business of the party according to the county party bylaws and Texas Election Laws. It oversees the conduct of the Primary election, establishes general policy, conducts fund-raising activities, fills Precinct Chair vacancies, promotes the party’s nominees in the General election, coordinates precinct activities and mobilizes voter turnout on behalf all the party’s candidates.
Level 3 in the framework is the District Executive Committee, established for each district from which an official of the state or federal government (U. S. Congress, State Judicial, State Senate, and State House of Representatives) is elected. The District Committee’s primary responsibilities are filling vacancies in a nomination or making nominations for an unexpired term in a District office, usually created by a withdrawal of a candidate or death of a nominee.
Level 4 in the framework is the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC), composed of sixty-four members- one man and one woman- from each of the state’s thirty-one Senatorial Districts, and a State Chair and a Vice-Chair, elected by delegates at the biennial State Republican Convention. Montgomery County is represented in Senatorial District 3 and 4. The State Executive Committee conducts the business of the State Republican Party.