Senatorial District #4 Convention

June 6, 2020 @ 10:00 am
Grace Church
24400 Interstate Hwy 45
The Woodlands
TX 77386
Daniel Ure

Temporary Chair Daniel Ure, 281-650-5481

Attendance / Check-In: To get an accurate headcount because of “social distancing” and to avoid standing in line the morning of the Convention, please pre-register by this Sunday, May 24.  By pre-registering, you can pick up your required Name Tag at the Check-in area from 8:00 until 9:50 am, shortly before the Convention opens.

Resolutions:  Resolutions absorb significant Convention time but do not have the power of law and must still pass the State Convention.  Out of consideration for fellow attendees, prior to the Convention, please review the Temporary Resolutions Committee draft report under the SD 4 Convention section of  The Church expects us to vacate the property by 5:00 p.m. , but we’d all like to be done MUCH earlier than that. Early engagement will help us not waste hours going over resolutions supported by the vast majority of delegates.  The substance of many resolutions is addressed in the Party Platform.

Nominations:  The Temporary Nominations Committee will be holding interviews starting next week for those who are not SD delegates but wish to serve as delegates to the RPT State Convention.  If you did not attend your precinct convention and wish to serve as a state delegate, stay tuned for days and times via the calendar at  Notification will also be sent via email when details have been finalized. 

Volunteers and Sanitizing the Church: The Church observes strict sanitizing procedures after all services. Your help will be needed to sanitize things before leaving the property. If you are also willing to help the day of the Convention with other things, please email Cheila McKay at

n addition, pursuant to RPT Rule 30, the agenda for the SD4 Convention will be as follows:

  1. Call to order by the Temporary Chairman.
  2. Roll call of temporary roll of delegates.  At the conclusion of roll call the Secretary shall announce:
  3. the number of delegations present;
  4. the combined voting strength of those delegations; and
  5. the number of attending delegates at the start of convention.
  6. Report of the Credentials Committee (this report shall be acted on prior to any further business).
  7. Report of the Rules Committee; adoption of supplemental rules.
  8. Report of the Permanent Organization Committee; election of permanent officers from among the delegates.
  9. Appointment of (or election, if applicable) Permanent Nominations and Permanent Resolutions Committees.
  10. Precinct Caucuses, if applicable.
  11. Report of the Resolutions Committee; adoption of the report.
  12. Report of the Nominations Committee; adoption of the report.
  13. Other business.
  14. Adjourn.