Election Day Voting

Voting Information in Montgomery County

All information about voting in Montgomery County can be found at the Elections Central Website.

Click Here for Election Day Voting Locations – (Tuesday, November 6, 2018 ONLY)

****Please Note: On Election Day, you must vote at your Voting Precinct location.

If you are unsure what your Voting Precinct number is, you can click here to find out.


Information About Sample Ballots

The link below is to the master sample ballot for all elections on the ballot in Montgomery County in the November 6, 2018 General Election. When you go to vote, your ballot will not include all the elections that you see on the sample ballot; it will only include the elections for which you are eligible to vote. For example, if you live in Conroe ISD, then Splendora’s ISD elections will not show up on your ballot.

Master Sample Ballot

To find out exactly which races will appear on your ballot, click here and lookup your specific information, including Sample Ballot and Map for Polling Location.

Find out which precinct you live in