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Thank You for Donating to the Montgomery County Republican Party!

Your financial donation to the local Republican Party:

  • Helps maintain marketing and all services of the County Headquarters
  • Helps finance purchase of materials, supplies, equipment and major services
  • Helps maintain computerized voter list of Get-Out-the-Vote program
  • Helps strengthen and expand our Precinct and neighborhood organization
  • Helps expand outreach program to minorities and independents

We have three membership programs to choose from.

Sustaining Membership Program (SMP)

Provides solid support for all local party activities and services

Republican Roundtable

Provides funds for the purchase of major services and equipment necessary to maintain our computer capabilities, organize and direct precinct and Get-Out-the-Vote campaigns, oversee volunteer and candidate recruitment and manage fundraising activities –all vital to the continued growth of the Party in the coming decades.

Business Council

A former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives once observed that “all politics is local.” What greatly influences an election outcome is the enthusiasm and effectiveness of the local Party organization. Elections are not won with the work done on election day alone; they are won with the planning, fundraising and volunteer recruiting that goes on many months leading up to election day. The outcome of an election at any level can and does impact your business!

The Montgomery County Republican Party and its county officeholders have traditionally supported the business community by advocating and working for free enterprise, smaller government, reasonable restraint of government regulation, a balanced budget, lower taxes and preservation of Texas’ right-to-work (RTW) law. We will continue to fight for your values and beliefs.

The Montgomery County Republican BUSINESS COUNCIL has been created to build a partnership between the local Party organization and businesses throughout the county. We need the business community’s support to continue the conservative leadership and strong business climate provided by the county’s elected Republican officials. By providing ideas and financial support through your membership, your business will be an integral part of the planning and preparation leading up to election day.


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MCRP Membership Programs

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Sustaining Membership Program (SMP)

Individual Member – $40 annually
Member and Spouse – $50 annually
Family – $60 annually
Individual Life Membership – $500, no annual fees
Family Life Membership – $750, no annual fees

Sustaining Membership(SMP) Options


Automatic Annual Renewal

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Republican Roundtable

Individual Membership -$250 initial dues, $100 annually thereafter
Family Membership – $350 initial dues, $150 annually thereafter
Individual Life Membership – $1000, no annual dues
Family Roundtable Life Membership – $1500, no annual dues

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Business Council – for businesses

KEY Member – $500 annually
EXECUTIVE Member – $250 annually
ASSOCIATE Member – $100 annually

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