The Supreme Court  Joseph J. Ellis, author of many books on the nation’s founding era, wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “It is now received wisdom that perhaps the single most important power of the American president is the nomination of Justices to the Supreme Court. As a result of the debate over the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, both sides agree that the future direction of the American republic is at stake, because the next appointment will determine the political tilt of the judicial body that has become the ultimate arbiter of the laws under which we live.”Ellis noted that the last thing the thirty-nine signers of the Constitution wanted was for The Supreme Court to become “supreme”. They expected that “status to belong to Congress.” For most of history, the Court rarely “stepped forward to redefine the political landscape in decisive fashion.” Two examples of the most “conspicuousRead More →

Declaration of Independence  “Since 1776, Americans have cherished the principles of the Declaration of Independence- and disagreed fiercely about how to apply them,” Jeffrey Rosen wrote in the July 6,2019 edition of the Wall Street Journal. Rosen noted: “Its (The Declaration’s) influence on the way we think about politics and law is second only to the Constitution.” Abraham Lincoln recognized the two documents were closely related. According to Rosen, who is President and CEO of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, from the era of the Founding Fathers until today, conservatives and liberals and everyone else have agreed that “the theoretical basis of the U. S. Constitution-and American political life in general- can be found in Thomas Jefferson’s most famous sentence:”We hold these truths to be self evident, that allRead More →

In the 2018 Winter edition of The National World War II Museum Newsletter, there was a spotlight story entitled “Dear Bob Hope” which told of one mother’s letter to Hope. It captured her son’s treasured moments of laughter not unusual with any of Hope’s United Services Organization (USO) tours during WW II. Hope was often recognized as the Home Front Ambassador to the troops fighting overseas during the War.Leslie Townes Hope, later known as Bob Hope, was a British born American in 1903. He changed his name to Bob Hope when he began his show business career in the 1920s. His movie career blossomed in the 1930s headlined by his multiple “Road” comedy movies. His TV shows added toRead More →

State Republican Chairman Meets Campaign Committee On Wednesday evening, June 12, 2019, State Republican Chairman James Dickey traveled to Conroe and met with many of the 2020 Victory Campaign Committee and presented a comprehensive report on the preparations for the 2020 election. “RED ALERT TEXAS” is the 2020 Objective to win Texas for President Trump because “There is no path to a Republican White House victory without Texas.”The presentation reviewed polling data post 2018 election that showed a slightly higher favorable response for Senator Ted Cruz (50%) than President Trump (48%) in Texas. The Republican National Committee reported that “there are too few existing paths to 270 electoral votes for our presidential nominee…….We need to aggressivelyRead More →

Chairman Calls for Party Unity Greetings to all Republicans!   I want you to be aware of a situation that took place at the County Executive Committee (CEC) meeting last Tuesday evening, June 4, 2019. What had been a unified and congenial meeting suddenly turned into an unnecessary divisive conflict with a surprise resolution criticizing a Republican PAC formed in 2018, the Republican Voters of Texas PAC.  The resolution stated that the MCRP “condemn[s] and denounce[s]” the newer PAC and “demands that they cease and desist their bad faith use of the word ‘Republican’.” The Republican Voters of Texas PAC is clearly Republican, and their AdvisoryRead More →

From the Chairman’s Desk: George H.W. Bush – Consummate Gentleman and Close Friend of the Montgomery County GOP   The passing of former President George H. W. Bush reminded me of just what a consummate gentleman and close friend of the Republican Party in Montgomery County he was. After becoming the Harris County Republican Party Chairman shortly after his move from Midland to Houston in 1962, Bush answered a call from the fledging Montgomery County Republican Party to appear for the first ever fundraiser in the county in 1963. He, along with his wife Barbara, came to Conroe and spoke of the future of theRead More →

White House Garden Ceremony & Conroe Connection “Melania Trump gave a splashy launch Monday (May 7, 2018) to her public awareness campaign to help children, calling it Be Best,” so wrote the Associated Press in the Houston Chronicle. “In a rare twist on their White House roles, she commanded the Rose Garden lectern while President Donald Trump watched from the audience.” The first lady said the “Be Best” campaign will “focus on childhood well-being, social media use and opioid abuse.” Little did most of us realize that one of the ceremony attendees had a Conroe, Texas connection. She is Hazel Stephens, pictured below with MelaniaRead More →

BUSH MEMORIES The passing of the matriarch of the Bush family should remind some Montgomery County   Republicans and inform others of the tremendous influence the Bushes had on the organization and growth of the Montgomery County Republican Party. Montgomery County Republicans join our grief with all those saddened by this loss of a dynamic personality and great American while extending our condolences and prayers of comfort to the family and their many friends and supporters. A fledgling Montgomery County Republican Party organization was first introduced to George H. W. Bush and wife Barbara in 1963, one year Elton and Amelda Sump following its first PrimaryRead More →

DEM PARTY HISTORICALLY THE RACIST One thing you can expect from Democrats during any election season is the claim that Republicans are racists. It is as certain as the sunrise or sunset. In late August, the former Montgomery County Democrat Chairman, Bruce Barnes, wrote a Letter to Editor of The Courier with this very claim. I responded to this baseless charge with the letter that appears below. Voice Your Opinion THE COURIER Saturday, September 2, 2017 DEM PARTY HISTORICALLY THE RACIST To The editor: Former Democrat Chairman Bruce Barnes’ recent letter is an example of how Democrats and their friends in the media persist inRead More →

From the Chairman’s Desk: BALD EAGLE – EMBLEM OF FREEDOM On June 20, 1782, the Third Continental Congress adopted the bald eagle as the emblem of freedom for the United States of America and its Grand Seal. The eagle is a graceful, fascinating creature indigenous to North America. But one of the founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, was not too keen on this decision. He felt the eagle was “a bird of bad moral character” because of their feeding habits in which they snatch meals away from other birds and mammals, including humans. Franklin preferred the turkey for the emblem because he felt it was aRead More →