Candidate Resources

Candidate Resources

1. Republican Party of Texas Candidate Platform Review 
Per State Party Rule 43, the County or State Chairman shall request each non-judicial candidate to indicate whether the candidate agrees, disagrees, or is undecided for each bullet point item of the Party Principles included in the Preamble of the Platform and may include comments if desired. The County or State Chairman shall also request that each non-judicial candidate read the entire Platform and indicate at least ten (10) line items from the Platform that the candidate strongly supports. All candidates for non-judicial offices should file the completed Platform Review containing the candidate’s responses at the time of filing for office.
    Completed Platform Reviews will be posted on the MCRP website. (Click here to see Platform Reviews.)
    Candidate Self Review: Republican Party of Texas Platform
    FAQs About Candidate Platform Review
    Link to Republican Party of Texas Platform

2. Candidates Guide to Nomination and General Election 2018
    From Texas Secretary of State’s Office

3. Republican Party of Texas Candidate Resource Manual
    Created by the 2015 Organization Committee of the Republican Party of Texas

4. MCRP Candidate Email Ads
    Candidate Emails to MCRP Email List- See order form and prices here

5. MCRP Bulk Mail Permit
    Republican candidates may use the MCRP bulk mail permit.
    Contact Dr. Wilkerson for more information at 936-441-5621 or

6. Montgomery County Elections Central Voter Lists and Maps
    Montgomery County Elections public information request service

7. Republican Party of Texas Data Center
    Republican Voter Lists: Download applicable agreements; Requires signature from County Chairman or State     Republican Executive Committee Member
    Download GOP Data Center Access Request
    Download Instructions for GOP Data Center Access Request

8. Political Advertising Regulations
     TEC Political Advertising Info
     TXDOT rules for Posting Campaign Signs
     Texas Election Code Campaign Sign Ordinances  (Do you have the right to post campaign signs in your yard? Yes, you do!)