Election Recap – 2010


The 2010 Republican wave predicted by the polls became a reality on November 2nd. We knew Governor Perry was predicted to win a third term, but not many thought the wave would reach down the ballot to include a record number of Republican wins in races for State House of Representatives, including five new Hispanic members, and wins for county-level offices across the State.

After the 2008 election, Republicans held seventy-seven of the one- hundred-fifty State House of Representative seats, eleven seats fewer than the high water mark of eighty-eight in 2002. On November 2nd, Republican wins included all incumbents, plus twenty two new House seats, for a total of ninety-nine, one short of a two-third majority or a quorum. At the county- level, every Republican on the ballot won in neighboring counties such as Liberty, Chambers and even Jefferson County.

This wave was led by an overwhelming number of straight-Republican ticket voters. This was especially true in Montgomery County, where the Party’s Get-Out-The-Vote campaign completed over 20,000 phone calls to Republican households, representing over 60,000 voters. During the early voting period, 35,767 straight-Republican ticket votes were counted, and on election-day 24,668 were counted, a total of 60,435. This vote total represented 84.8% of all straight-Party ticket votes and 52.2% of the 115,869 votes counted on election night. The 84.8% was the highest percent among the top fifteen counties in the State with the largest voter registration. Denton County with 74.5% was second. There were 10,276 Democrat-straight ticket votes cast in Montgomery County, 8.9% of the total votes cast. 61.5% of all ballots cast in the County were straight-Party ticket votes.

Voters of the County gave Governor Perry a 60,230 vote margin of victory over Bill White while garnering 75.2% of the vote. State Comptroller Susan Combs received the highest number of votes in the County, 95,465. The average vote total received in the County by the thirteen Republican statewide candidates on the ballot was 91,859 (76.9%) and the average vote total for the ten Democrat statewide candidates was 18,852 (10%). Republican County Judge Alan Sadler and 9th Court of Appeals Republican Justice Charles Kreger easily won re-election. The voter turnout percentages for the State and County are as follows:

2010                                        2006                                     2002
State………37.5%                    State……….33.7%                State………36.3%
County….…46.4%                  County………36.4%             County……..38.3%

In 1964 when I became Republican County Chairman, electing a Republican official was no more than a pipe dream. It was not until 1961 that a Republican was elected to the United States Senate. He was an obscure college professor from Wichita Falls named John G. Tower. By 1974, Texas Republicans held only two seats in the U. S. Congress, three seats in the State Senate and sixteen seats in the State House of Representatives.

Finally, in 1978 the first Republican Governor in Texas since Reconstruction, William P. Clements, was elected. He would serve two terms as Governor, 1978-1982 and 1986-1990. Even after President Ronald Reagan’s re-election in 1984, Republicans held only one U. S. Senate seat and no statewide offices, but had increased State Senate seats to six and House seats to fifty-two. With the election of George W. Bush as Governor in 1994, the Party increased its seats in the U. S. Congress to eleven, its seats in the State Senate to fourteen and its seats in the State House of Representatives to sixty-one.

In Texas, Republicans currently hold two U. S. Senate seats, twenty-seven statewide offices, twenty-three of thirty-two U.S. Congressional seats, nineteen of thirty-one State Senate seats and ninety-nine of one-hundred-fifty House of Representatives seats along with countless County offices, including every district, county and precinct office in our County. Montgomery County Republicans are proud to call Montgomery County the most Republican County in the most Republican State in the Nation.